Acrylic Bird Feeder

Factory made, custom design
accept small order
keeps the cage clean
logo print and sample can be made
it can be sucks on window

Yageli, acrylic bird feeder manufacturers, 

make all custom design acrylic bird feeder, 

acrylic box

it's ok to print cutom logo

It's ok to make the acrylic pat feeder by your drawing

sample can be made for test.

Modern Quadrate Hanging Acrylic Bird Feeder And Window Bird House For Bird watching

Bird Feeder eliminates mess and waste created from your feathered friends. 

Large dimension: 250mm x 200mm x 200mm 

Suitable for Eclectus, Amazon, African Grey, Alexandrine, Galah, Cockatoo, etc 

 Bird Feeder contains your bird's food, easy to clean and wall mounted,

with sucks wall mounted very easy

It is made from high quality, food grade, extra thick acrylic and has been specially designed and tested to ensure your bird's comfort, effective mess containment and ease of use. 

Main Features:

  • Saves money on seed. 

  • Low maintenance. 

  • Affordable. 

  • Easy to clean. 

  • Easy to install and remove. 

  • Easy to fill and empty. 


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