Colored Acrylic Sheets

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colored acrylic sheets


100% Virgin Material Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet Transparent Pmma Sheets


PMMA - Polymethyl methacrylate (acrylic, plexi plate, acrylic, stiplex, plexiglass) is a rigid thermoplastic, transparent, with a high light transmission (about 93%). Is 2 times lighter than glass and resists impact approximately 30 times more than glass of same thickness.
   Acrylic plates are lightweight and rigid flat surface with constant thickness, weatherproof, UV protected (guaranteed 10 years). It serigrafiaza, are painted, stick, and illuminates the engraved edge is termoformeaza or hot bend, but can curve and cold.
 Acrylic plates are produced in thicknesses from 1 mm to 20 mm.
 Recommended use limit temperature to +70 ° C.
 Specific gravity: 1.19 g / m3.


PVC Sheet-applied treatments:

1. Materials processing: Cut; Drilling; Milling; nail etc.

2. Heat application: wisting, bending; Resource work; Heat styling

3. Other: Digital Printing; Application of alternative soil; Application sheets; Painting



ItemPVC Acrylic Sheet
Material100% virgin materials
Dimensions (mm)1270 x 1880, 1260 x 2470, 1550 x 3050,2050x3050 
Size1.22m*2.44m, 1.56m*3.05m, 2.05m*3.05m
Colorclear, milky, opal, black, red, blue, yellow, green

* rigid sheet

* glossy appearance

* homogeneously colored

* suitable for bonding

* suitable for machining, laser cutting, routing & drilling


* UV resistant, ideal for outdoor usage

* great outdoor stability

* colors available


* signboards, both indoor & outdoor

* light box

* fabricated acrylic lettering

* display stand

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