Frosted Acrylic Sheet

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frosted acrylic sheet


This frosted acrylic sheet is clear in colour. 

The sandblasting technique with which the sheet has been treated 

gives it its frosted (matte) appearance. The sheet is opaque but allows 

light through. This is why it is often used as privacy glazing


Frosted acrylic sheets are not only thirty times stronger than glass, but also half as light.

 The sheets are also UV resistant, which means they can be used for indoor and outdoor use. 

The acrylic sheets are cut to size for you free of charge. Bear in mind that the thickness can

deviate by approximately 10%. To ensure that the sheets are not damaged, on delivery 

they are provided with protective film on both sides.

frosted acrylic sheet 1frosted acrylic sheetfrosted acrylic

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