Acrylic Ants Nest

acrylic ants nest
New Flat Ant Farm Acrylic Ants Nest with Moisture Area
3D Acrylic Ant Farm Nest Formicarium Housing

Acrylic nests still have some advantages. Such as once assembled, they are extremely securely. This makes them a great choice for tiny ant species which may be able to squeeze through the lids of ytong, plaster or resin nest designs .

16X14X12Cm Acrylic Plane With One Nest Of Ants Feed Hamper Moisture Feeding Nest Senior Ant Nest

Ant Nest City C1 Insect Cage Farm With Feed Hamper Acrylic 

T design DIY with feeding area ant nest ,ant farm acryl, insect nest

L size plane design 9color available ant farm acrylic moisture with feeding area, insect ant villa pet advanced mania farm ants

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