Acrylic Reptile Display Box

acrylic reptile display box
this box is made from clear acrylic and you can see your reptile pet clearly from outside
Printing image with holes to keep reptile have a good life environment.

acrylic reptile display box /acrylic reptile cages /acrylic reptile box

Material of this product is clear acrylic and material is high clear and healthy.

It will be a perfect choice for your pet.

We can make different design depend on your requirements.

And the door is easy to open and close.It will be convenient for you to put into foods or water.

acrylic reptile cages

acrylic reptile box

This acrylic reptile display box is a perfect design for your pet.

We can manufacture it depend on your design and size.

It is the time that you custom a cage for your pet.

If you like this product or need other design acrylic products,please contact us.

wahtsapp: 86 15105698115

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