Clear Acrylic Bouquet Display Case

Clear Acrylic Bouquet Display Case

1.high quality clear acrylic display box.
2.memorabilia cube comes fully assembled.
3.Top clear box lifts off the base, tube to hold flower stems connected to the base

Clear Acrylic Collectible Wedding Flower Bouquet Display Case

Protect your memorable wedding or other bouquet in a beautiful, high-quality, display case. This case is constructed of 1/8" crystal clear, durable high clarity acrylic. Not cheap plastic. Front and top of case are made from one piece of acrylic (plexiglas), giving an aesthetically pleasing rollover appearance with fewer seams.


DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 11.8 inches Long, 11.8 inches Deep, 11.8 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 11.55 inches Long, 11.55 inches Deep, 11.55 inches High; The size of the tube that holds the bouquet is 4.25" tall and 2" in diameter. That's the exterior of the tube; subtract 1/8" for interior measurements of the tube


This is a wonderful gift for anyone with a bouquet, or something of similar size to display.

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