Condom Dispenser

Wholesale Wall Amount Small Size Acrylic Condom Dispenser
* Fits approximately 400 condoms (200 in each chamber)
* Use for different types of condoms or with lubricant.

Acrylic Condom Dispenser can made any custom design .

Pamco offers two sizes of condom dispensers – the small dispenser holds approximately 200 foils while the large dispenser hold approximately 800 foils.

Condom Dispensers have a small opening at the bottom that allows your clients access to the items you are dispensing. Made of strong, clear plastic, they are durable and long-lasting. Dispensers can be easily mounted to a wall for condom distribution.  They are both easily filled through a locking hinged lid located on the top of the dispenser

While the dispensers are a great way to prevent infections by distributing free condoms, the unique design was created with education in mind too. The container's flat clear face allows your organization to create and attach a prevention message, including your organization's logo, web or phone data, QR code, and information on how-to-get tested.

AIDS service organizations, health departments, and colleges across the country are using these low cost, high impact dispensers to distribute free condoms in bars, restaurants, retail locations, clinics, and on college campuses.

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