Acrylic Display Riser

Acrylic Display Riser

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4 Tier Acrylic Display Riser for Bottles, Funko Pops, Figures


495mm wide 4 tier acrylic display riser

Ideal for wine bottles, Funko Pops, Figures, Cupcakes, etc

Made from quality 3mm and 4mm laser cut acrylic

Flat pack design for easy transport and storage

Easy clean, just wash in warm soapy water

Stands are sent out with protective film on both sides

Frosted colours are semi-transparent, Edgelit colours are fully transparent


Height - 350mm

Width - 495mm

Depth - 477mm

Shelf Depth - 120mm

Shelf Width - 435mm

tiered display riseracrylic riser display stand


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