Acrylic U Shape Display Stand

Acrylic U Shape Display Stand

Material: Acrylic.
Care: Clean using non-abrasive soft cloths.
Thickness: 3⁄8

Large Riser Measures: 11 3⁄8" W x 5 3⁄4" H x 7 7⁄8"D

Medium Riser Measures: 10" W x 5" H x 7 7⁄8"D

Small Riser Measures: 8" 5⁄8" W x 4 1⁄4" H x 7 7⁄8"D

Our 3-Piece Acrylic Riser with Handles Set is a beautiful and convenient display solution. This 3-piece set of acrylic risers easily nest together and can be used together or for individual display. Versatile in use, flip them over for a unique and modern carrying tray. Perfect for retail environments, trade shows, pop-up boutiques, and so much more!


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