Eternal Flower

Eternal flower
colorful flower

【Eternal Flower】
is the ``flowers'' through detailed processing such as dehydration, bleaching, coloring, antiseptic, moisturizing, and styling
The whole process is made with skin care products grade raw materials
(Such as cosmetic grade moisturizing hyaluronic acid, collagen, food grade preservatives, etc...)
In order to achieve the luxurious texture of the pistil like a flower, full, moist and shiny
So the unit price is more expensive than ordinary dried flowers

【Commodity reminder】
The rose petals present a vivid crystal clear feeling
Small flowers 12 into the box; big flowers 6 into the box
The diameter of the small flower is about 2.5~3cm; the diameter of the big flower is about 5~5.5cm
Strictly selected and processed from fresh rose flowers, the posture and size will be slightly different

Shiren dried flower is the dried flower brand with the highest CP value in Taiwan
Many sellers on the Internet sell dried flowers with unit prices of 39, 49, 59...
Please pay attention to buyers, this kind of sellers actually use words to deceive consumers
Their prices seem to be very low, but in fact there are only a few of them, which is not enough to plant a potted plant or a
The cost of each flower is very expensive after conversion.
The craftsman dried flower is the only dried flower factory in Taiwan
All sales prices are wholesale prices for large quantities
Guaranteed to let you use high CP value in any bonsai or bouquet

[Manufacturing Method/Commodity Features]
The only dry flower factory in Taiwan
Dehydration/bleaching/coloring/air drying/moisturizing/encapsulation
Taiwan hand-made throughout the whole process, high-quality flowers and stable quality
Professional colorists, deploy the latest colors every season
New colors released every week
Customized order processing, limited reservation

[Know Before You Buy]
All the flowers are in stock and are dyed by hand. Each batch has color difference, please follow the actual product.
Eternal flowers are fragile and vulnerable! The flowers may fall during the delivery process! Those who pursue perfection do not
subscribe. Thank you!

【Product Description & Maintenance】
The preservation time is at least 3 to 5 years (the color will gradually fade over time).
No need for mental care, avoid high temperature and humidity.
If there is dust, use a soft brush/brush and gently wipe it.
Do not water

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