Acrylic Flower Box With Drawer

Acrylic Flower Box With Drawer

1. WITH DRAWER option having removable top and drawer with crystal cut knob for easy access (the holder itself has 9 small holes ideal for holding and presenting your lovely flowers and also keeping them fresh with water).
2. HIGH QUALITY clear acrylic flowers storage display box; memorabilia cube comes fully assembled

Present your beautiful flora (real or fake) in a modern, clean, and stylish way with this high-quality flower display case. This flower box comes in two models, a full flower box, and a half flower box with a removable bottom drawer. 

The case uses an internal stand to keep your lively blooms standing tall, with as much water as they could need. The lid of the box, the internal stand, and the drawer (of the drawer model) are all removable, leaving you with a dry stand, and a crystal-clear cube._MG_2013_MG_2014kkopkfHTB1fO2KIkSWBuNjSszdq6zeSpXaP_副本

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