Acrylic Single Rose Box

* Widely used. Our product is suitable for a variety of different places:bedroom,dressing-room and display
for jewelry store/accessory shop.
* Durable. Our product is more solid than glass boxes.
* Eco-friendly. Our product is made of acrylic materials without toxicity.
* Very easy to clean up. Our acrylic products is very smooth to clean.
* OEM or ODM is available. You can design as you like.

Acrylic Single Rose Box   Our acrylic cosmetic and accessory organizers are best makeup mate for modern ladies.<br>

Mainly for the storage of jewelry and a variety of private cosmetic small objects, in addition <br>

to a storage box location, which cut into different sizes of the grid, can be very convenient to <br>

cosmetics, skin care products such as bottles and jars.<br>

With a consistent style,the acrylic makeup organizer not only make the living room look tidy and <br>

neat, but also provide sufficient storage space for the cosmetics and other accessories.<br>

When the makeup objects storage box placed in the wash room, dressing table, it add a touch of <br>

beautiful colors, so that mood has become pleasant.<br>  

Acrylic Single Rose Box

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