Countertop Acrylic Brochure Holder

Countertop Acrylic Brochure Holder

1.Overall Dimensions: 6 1/2” W x 10 3/16” H x 6 1/4” D.
2.Ideal for counter spaces and wall mounting.
3Available in case packs of 4.

With our Plastic 4 Tier Bi-Fold holders, you can quadruple your marketing out put with one unit. Take advantage of up to four bi-fold pockets to display your important bi-folds. Made of clear plastic, our 4 Tier bi-fold holders keep the attention on the print material inside, helping to increase the likelihood of getting noticed. This piece can be displayed on a table, counter top, shelf, or mounted on a wall - you get to choose where your piece will have maximum visibility! A great economical buy and available in case packs of 4, this unit is great for filling out your shop, restaurant, tradeshow booth, waiting areas, and more!


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