Acrylic Table

the heat distortion temperature of ordinary acrylic board is about 100 degrees, the continuous use temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees.

Product name

acrylic table


high quality imported acrylic






any logo can be silkscreen or engraved


Could follow your artword

Sample lead time

3-5 working days

Delivery lead time

20working days


T/T, western union or paypal.

Product advantages

1.Environmental friendly and recyclable.

2.Can product according to customers′size and design
3.It's very solid and stronger bearing force.
4.All products is pure arts and crafts.


Acrylic material features:

1, the heat distortion temperature of ordinary acrylic board is about 100 degrees, the continuous use temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees.
2, Acrylic plate surface hardness equivalent to aluminum, the use or processing should be careful to avoid surface scratches. If scratched, you can restore the original glossy surface by polishing. 
3, Acrylic board prone to static electricity, dust adsorption. When cleaning with a soft cotton cloth dipped in 1% soapy water can be. 
4, Acrylic plate cast a certain expansion coefficient, the installation of acrylic board must consider leaving adequate retractable gap. 

How to avoid the deformation of acrylic products:

1, the installation of the frame to be reserved for contraction and expansion of the gap .
2, to be drilled oval screw holes with locking .
3, the choice of elastic rubber gasket.
4, thermoforming can improve the impact strength and release internal stress .
5, thermoformed into waves, diamond-type and semi-circular to prevent the deformation of gravity due to gravity of the acrylic plate.
6, the use of large-format acrylic plate, the need to increase the thickness of Anti-plate sagging deformation due to their own weight.

How to maintain acrylic products:

1, Acrylic temperature heating at 70 degrees will be deformed, when heated to 100 degrees above will soften, so should be avoided for more than 100 degrees.
2, Acrylic polishing, if it is a small scratch, you can directly use a toilet paper or rag stained with a little toothpaste, if it is a big scratch, then I personally mind using sandpaper grinding acrylic, sandpaper to wear if you take, the product scrapped , The surface scratched the whole, will be worse.
3, Acrylic should take a soft cloth scrub, do not use any detergent containing granular objects, do not use a variety of chemical bath scrub.
4, Acrylic is easy to crack, pick and place should pay attention to the surface protection.
5, Acrylic larger coefficient of thermal expansion, placement or fixed temperature changes should be taken into account there is room for expansion and contraction.
6, if the acrylic products are not damaged, you can use the IPS adhesive glue / adhesives, methylene chloride adhesives or quick-drying followed.
7, to acrylic products bright and beautiful, you can use liquid polishing wax, wipe with a soft cloth just fine.



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