Clear Acrylic Wedding Table Ghost Table

acrylic wedding decoration table,You can put your flowers in it .


Size: this acrylic table size is customlized

Material: Acrylic

Colors: can be done in clear, black or white color,etc.

thickness is 5-6 mm

MOQ :10 pcs

The modular top design allows for the table to have the top removed and internally decorate the table with you imagination. This is a floral designers dream table.
The legs are also modular meaning you can fill them with decorations as well then set the table right into them. Sturdy, secure, and best of all able to be decorated to the max. Flowers, crystals, leds, you name it, and it looks great on this design. It can also be great as a card table, a candy table or a desert table, if you can dream it, you can use this table to bring it to life.

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