Acrylic Glove Dispenser

glove dispenser is made of plexiglass, wall mounted type, with 3 bins

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This glove box holder is designed for three boxes of disposable gloves, one box per vertical bin. The holder can be easilywall-mounted or table-mounted and includes two reinforced mounting holes (hardware not included). Bins have open tops to easily replace glove boxes as needed.

Glove box holders help keep workspaces tidy by storing glove boxes in one place without impeding their visibility and access to their contents. They are great for workplaces where several types or sizes of disposable gloves must be worn, such as clinics, hospitals, laboratories, workshops, garages, restaurants, factories, etc.

This holder is designed specifically for glove boxes, but may also be used with other packaged or bulk disposable items: hair nets, hair caps, shoe covers, face masks, safety eyewear, etc.

Holder size:
width 17" X height 10.5" X depth 3.5”
(width 43.2 cm X height 26.7 cm X depth 8.9 cm)

Bin width: 5.6” (14.2 cm)

Front slots width: 1.8” (4.5 cm)

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