Acrylic Wall Mount Wine Glass Holder

his listing is for 3 glass acrylic flute holder. can also have many other applications including yachts, wet bars, even wedding parties. Our glass racks are fully polished and beautiful.
Dimensions and other options: 

2 flute glass holder: 7.75" long $45

3 flute glass holder: 11" long $50

4 flute glass holder: 14.25" long $55

5 flute glass holder: 17.5" long $60

6 flute glass holder: 20.875" long $65

Custom Made Drink Racks are also available. Rock tumbler racks are also available. The above specs are merely a sample of what we offer. Please inquire!

Other listings include more durable drink racks for limousines. This is a supplement for our limo tables and custom limoconsoles offering

clear acrylic four glass holderwine glass holder

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