Clear Acrylic Treadmill Desk

Clear Acrylic Treadmill Desk

clear acrylic treadmill desk,cut to size and made from lucite materials,acrylic treadmill laptop computer desk setup acrylic treadmill desk attachment for Laptops and Tablets

Yageli China manufacturer wholsale price customized design clear acrylic treadmill desk with with protective stop block

this clear acrylic treadmill laptop computer desk is made from transparent 

clear acrylic lucite materials, strong thick acrylic construction

the acrylic treadmill desk with protective stop blok on the top to hold

laptop, computer, ipad, macbook, book, so that you can work and play same time when 

you are exercising on the treadmill

the lucite acrylic treadmill desk attachment is designed for Laptops,Tablets holder 

it is easy to install and very user-friendly, 

the acrylic tabletop desk can attach all your electronic devices on it,

with this acrylic treadmill desk attachment, it is possible to watch a TV show, read a book, 

or even get some work done while you walk or run.

this is how you can enjoy and relax your life

easy installation process, all you need is to use the 2 adjustable Velcro straps to fasten it onto your treadmill

Dimension: 33.8x15.4 inches

Material: clear acrylic

acrylic treadmill laptop desk, acrylic treadmill panel, lucite treadmill desk

other customized design and dimension are both availableacrylic Treadmill Desk 1

acrylic Treadmill Deskacrylic treadmill desk 2

acrylic treamill panel

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