Acrylic 3 Slot File Sorter

ACRYLIC OFFICE AND MAKEUP ORGANIZER: Stores files, letters, binders, folders, eyeshadow palettes

acrylic 3 slot file sorter,Eyeshadow, Makeup Palette and Electronics Organizer


Size: acrylic file sorter size is 9" x 6.75" x 6.5"

Material: Acrylic

Colors: the acrylic file sorter can be done in clear, black or white color,etc.

thickness is 3 mm

MOQ :50 pcs

Cast acrylic is the most upscale plastic material availile for creating upscale products. Although hand-crafting the product is more time consuming and therefore costs a little more, the difference in quality is astounding. Common problems like relief marks or haze from molds are non-existent. Unlike the injection molding process, all joints are bonded by hand using agents that actually "melt" the material together. The result is an extremely strong crystal clear construction, which is why our hand-crafted acrylic products are so popular.

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