Acrylic Marble Tray

acrylic tray for storage and display, marble color acrylic tray for jewelry
acrylic tray with feet, elegant design and color, durable design
cutsom design acrylic tray with logo

1.Usage of the acrylic tray

Acrylic tray, plexiglass round tray, transparent acrylic pipe processing, restaurant tray, antiskid wine cup tray, acrylic products, teapot, tea tray, consumable tray, toilet, dental equipment, storage tray, hotel room manufacturer, bar, KTV acrylic rectangular tray.

Hotel room supplies hotel disposable toiletries storage box dental tray consumables box acrylic display tray.

Toy car model display rack acrylic model storage rack grid storage box jewelry box tray Beaded plate

Transparent acrylic lattice tray storage tray top grade jewelry accessories Bracelet Display box customization.

Rectangular marble pattern tray light luxury soft jewelry storage tray Bathroom Storage Tray

2. color of acrylic tray

Marble color is elgant, and any custom color accept, contact us for color choice.

such as clear, white, black, pink, pink marble

custom design with logo, The acrylic tray drawing will send to you for approval.

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