Acrylic Coffee Caddy Organizer

acrylic coffee condiment organizer have 10 compartments to organizer coffee condiment ,coffee cup and coffee cup lid, suitable for coffee bar and restaurant

acrylic coffee condiment organizer



made of clear acrylic material
size: 58.0" x 16.0" x 20.0"

black color,3 tiers

The top tier includes a transparent acrylic front piece for a unique visual effect. Each countertop organizer includes space for straws, cups and condiments such as single-serve creamers, sugar packets, and more. The holder is crafted from textured ABS plastic and features a black finish. Designed for countertop storage, the organizer is a great way to offer a variety of beverage supplies all in one place. Many restaurants also use the holder in kitchens to keep condiments organized and accessible. A countertop storage display is an ideal way to keep beverage areas looking neat and professional!


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