Acrylic Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer

Durable plastic dividers hold up nicely to prolonged use.
Multiple-sized compartments accommodate a variety of items.
Keep accessories neat and organized, from place settings to serving utensils.
Clear acrylic construction "disappears" when set into a kitchen drawer.

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Size: this acrylic organizer is customlized

Material: Acrylic

Colors: can be done in clear, black or white color,etc.

thickness is 3 mm

MOQ :100 pcs

With this Acrylic Utensil Drawer Insert, you'll no longer need to deal with disorganized drawers. It is designed with durable plastic dividers to form separate compartments to keep all your accessories neat and organized. The compartments are arranged in multiple sizes to allow for various items, from place settings to serving utensils

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