Acrylic Office Desktop Station Organizer

Create space-saving storage ideal for you by using these office organizers vertically or horizontally!

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Size: acrylic office organizer size is 10.7 x 7 x 3.4 inches ,OR customized by clients requirements

Material: Acrylic

Colors: can be done in clear, black or white color,etc.

thickness is 3 mm

MOQ :100 pcs

The organizer can be used horizontally or vertically, just flip the drawers; Stack organizers to create vertical, space-saving storage or line them up to make a large storage station; Chrome knobs make opening and closing drawers simple - quickly grab what you need; Use these convenient storage organizers to keep children's crafting items all in one place; Great for school supplies too; Perfect for office desk storage at home or in commercial workspaces.

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