10mm Acrylic Sheet

clear thick acrylic PMMA sheets manufacturer
thickness 2-50mm , clear color , 100% lucite raw material,cut perspex sheet
PE film or Kraft paper on bothside thick acrylic sheets,then packed with pallet
If any special requirements, we will pack the acrylic sheets as requirments.

100% lucite raw material high quality unbreakable acrylic sheet 2mm -50mm clear color

The advantages of acrylic sheet :

Acrylic has wide varieties ,rich colors, and has extremely excellent comprehensive performance, provides a variety of choices for designers, acrylic can be dyed, the surface can be painted, silk screen or vacuum coating

1. Transparency :Cast acrylic sheet transparency is more than 98%, while the Extruded acrylic sheet is only around 92% 
2. Property :Cast acrylic sheet has high molecular weight, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance. This feature is suitable for small quantity processing, there are unmatched flexibility in color and surface texture, and complete product specifications for a variety of special purposes.
Compared with the Cast acrylic sheet, the extrusion acrylic sheet has low molecular weight, weaker mechanical properties. However, this feature is conducive to bending and thermoforming process, fast plastic vacuum forming in dealing with the larger size sheet,.
3. Tolerance :Extruded acrylic sheet thickness tolerances is lower than cast acrylic sheet. Extrusion acrylic sheets is crowded high-volume automated production, the tolerances can be controlled at ± 0.1mm. Cast acrylic sheet tolerances is increasing based on the thickness (check the acrylic sheet tolerance chart), and the Extrusion 
4. Color & thickness : the Extruded acrylic sheet color adjustment is inconvenience because of the big extrusion machine, so the product is limited by a certain color,normally only keep the clear color , also the thickness normally is under 8mm because of the extrusion technology. The cast acrylic is easy to make any color. 


We are professional acrylic sheets manufacturer (both extruded pmma and cast pmma)with 19 years experience.

5. The unique company can produce both cast acrylic sheet and extrusion acrylic sheet.
6. The unique acrylic sheet company participates in the formulation of national sound barrier standard.
7. We only provide the totally Lucite material sheets , the mould is from England pilkington, acrylic color paste is from Taiwan

The normal cast acrylic sheet measure list. 

For the special size , we can make the new mould for customer and return the mould fees after some order. 

If you need cut acrylic or make laser cut, polish acrylic sheets edge.

Large Acrylic Solid Display Block


Acrylic sheet is packed with two sides PE film or Kraft paper film, 

brand can be OEM, then packed with wooden pallet

10mm acrylic sheet

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