Acrylic Plexiglass

100%virgin lucite mma(UK brand:Lucite International)
2mm to 100mm thick and 1220*2440mm size
not turn yellow in 6-10years for outdoor and indoor use

Everyone knows acrylic plexiglass. But not everyone knows how to clean the acrylic plexiglass. Let's do it as below.

  1. As any surface dust and debris could potentially scratch the surface, before using any cleaning products, either blow away any surface dust and debris with a hairdryer, or use soap and water to wipe the surface.

  2. Take your microfiber towel and fold it into a small square that fits the size of your hand. 

  3. Spray one side of the microfiber towel with plexiglass/polycarbonate cleaner (do not spray window).

  4. Delicately wipe the window using the dampened side of the microfiber towel from side to side with very light pressure—the less pressure the better.

  5. Once you’ve cleaned the area, flip the microfiber towel over to the side that wasn’t sprayed with the cleaner and delicately wipe the plexiglass/polycarbonate again to remove streaks and/or further contaminants. 

  6. If other plexiglass/polycarbonate surfaces need to be cleaned, or more debris remains, unfold the microfiber towel.

  7. Refold the microfiber towel so a clean section can be used for the additional areas.

  8. Repeat the process above. 


acrylic sheet

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