Acrylic Sheet Laser Cutting

Acrylic Sheet Laser Cutting

acrylic sheet no MOQ color and thickness can be customized
100ton in discount 2usd/kg in clear
For extrudered material,thickness range is 1.5mm-10mm; for cast sheets,thickness is 2mm-50mm,our Raw material all is from Lucite ,the text all can be provided

acrylic sheet laser cutting

1 .Advertising - signboard, exhibition board, screen-printing board, solvent-printing board, engraving board etc...

2. Industrial Applications - steamships, planes, cars, carriages of the trains, ceilings, the core level of the carriage, boards for interior decorations, antisepsis project in chemical industry, thermal moulding piece, boards for refrigeratory, special coldness keeping project, boards for environmental use etc...

 3.pvc form board for printing

Goldensign Free Foam PVC Boards/Sheets are using the free foam extrusion process.

It has a consistent cell structure and density from surface to core that performs well in advertising&building applications.

The cell structure makes it the choice for professional printers, sign makers and exhibition contractors.

Goldensign Free Foam PVC Boards/Sheets provide the printing industry and display makers with an innovative material that meets every requirement with respect to its special material properties.





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