Clear Cast Acrylic

clear cast acrylic,made from 100% lucite brand raw materials of PMMA, cut to size and order, no yellowing and no color fade

Yageli wholesale price cut to size 3mm 4mm 5mm thick clear cast acrylic for sale


Item name: clear cast acrylic

Thickness: 2mm-25mm available

Dimension: 1250*2470mm or other customized 

Type: cast clear acrylic

packaging: each clear cast acrylic is packed with PE film or brown 

craft paper, and then put on the pallets

this clear cast acrylic is made in China, by Anhui Yageli Display

the clear cast perspex is made from international well-known lucite MMA

cut to size for this clear cast acrylic is also available 

this clear cast acrylic are widedly to be used as store fixtures and furniture or

photo frames

if you are interested in this clear cast acrylic, please contact us

clear cast acrylic manufacturer and supplier in China

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