Cut To Size Clear Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet

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Mechanical PropertiesYageli ®UnitTest Standard
Density p1.19g/cm2ISO R1183
Impact strength acU (Charpy)15kl/m2ISO 179/1 fu
Notched impact strength aIN (Izod)1.4kl/m2ISO R180/1A
Tensile strength
    a) -40℃
    b) 23℃
    c) 70℃
MPaISO R527-2/1B/5
DIN 53 455
Elongation at break eB4%ISO R527-2/1B/5
Nominal elongation at break e1B4%ISO R52702/1B/50
DIN 53 455
Flexural strength obB, Standard test specimen
(80 x 10 x 4mm3)
120N/mm2DIN 53 452
Modulus of elasticity Et (short-term value)3300MPaISO R527-2/1B/1
Min. cold bending radius330 x thickness--
Dynamic shear modulus G at approx. 10Hz1700MPaISO 537
Indentation hardness H961/30175N/MM2ISO 2039-1
DIN 53 456
Abrasion resistance in Taber abrader test
(100 ref; 5 4N; CS-10F)
20…30% HazeISO 9352
Coefficient of friction u
    a) plastic/plastic
    b) plastic/steel
    c) steel/plastic
Optical Properties (of clear grades, at 3mm thickness)
Transmittance tD6592%DIN 5036Part 3
UV TransmissionNo--
Total energy transmittance g85%DIN EN 410
Absorption in the visible range< 0.05%-
Refractive index n201.491-ISO 489


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