Frosted Black Acrylic Sheet

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custom size 2.5mm 3mm thick frosted black acrylic sheet


this frosted black acrylic sheet comes with a matt surface with a subtle frosted appearance on both sides. 

have all the same properties as a standard perspex, hard, stiff and sensitive to stress concentrations. 

the cast frosted black plexiglass sheet is made from 2.5mm ,3mm thick acrylic PMMA material

type: casting thermoplastic

thickness: standard thickness we have is 2mm ,2.5mm , 3mm, we can also make any customized thickness

as your request

material : Lucite international MMA (virgin , without any recycled material)

size: 2440x1220mm or other customized size

treatment: double sided matte finish, flame/diamond polish, cut edge

application: store display fixtures

black frosted pmma sheet, black frosted perspex sheet

density:1.2g per cm3

matt black perspex 1frosted black acrylic sheetmatt black perspex sheet (3)acrylic sheet factory

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