Precutting Acrylic Panel For Windows

acrylic sheet for windows, decorations material, perspex sheet 2mm to 100mm thickness precutting plexiglass sheet

  Acrylic has several characteristics that make it so popular. The most important attribute is its transparency. Acrylic sheets are 93% transparent, this is much higher than regular glass. The combination of the high transparency with acrylic's ability to filter UV light makes it the perfect choice for windows. When using acrylic as a window, it is reassuring to know that acrylic is much stronger than glass. Cast acrylic sheets are 17 times more impact resistant and can withstand substantial static and dynamic loads. As a result, acrylic panels are often used as windows of marine aquariums and installed as transparent floors at locations featuring spectacular views. The relatively lightweight and strong acrylic sheets can replace thick glass windows. Which consequently leaves tourists and visitors with clearer, less distorted views.

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