Translucent Plexiglass Sheet

translucent plexiglass sheet,translucent red plexiglass sheet,translucent perspex sheet

cut to size 2mm 3mm thick translucent plexiglass sheet


this translucent plexiglass sheet is made from perspex 

3mm thick or other customized thickness

widely used as decoration panel,display fixtures


- Cheaper than traditional glass;

- 10 times the impact resistance of glass; 

- Lighter and half the weight of traditional glass; 

- Easy to fabricate and machine;

- Excellent Chemical Resistance;

- Excellent weather resistance;

- Fully recyclable.

translucent perspex sheet,

translucent pmma sheet



We adopted advanced production lines and imported glass molds, also precision testing and detection equipments. All we do is to make sure every sheet qualified.

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