Translucent Plexiglass Sheets

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Cut to size 5mm thick translucent green acrylic sheet for sale


Item: translucent plexiglass sheet

thickness: 5mm 

size: 2050*3050mm or cut to order

color: translucent green or other customized color 

translucent green acrylic sheet

5mm translucent plexiglass sheet

5mm translucent perspex sheet

this 5mm cast translucent green color acrylic sheet is made from MMA of lucite brand

100% brand new raw material ,no recycled materials included

5mm lucite sheet ,cut to order and size, customized color and thickness

China acrylic sheet manufacturer, 4mm semi transparent green acrylic sheet

cut to shape and pieces , contact us if you need, whatsapp +8618324742610

the 5mm acrylic sheet is widely used for decoration and display purpose

5mm acrylic sheet275mm pmma sheet3028

acrylic sheet manufacturer

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