Translucent Red Acrylic Sheet

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YAGELI manufacturer wholesale cut to size 3mm translucent red acrylic sheet


Item : translucent red acrylic sheet

material: PMMA / Perspex of lucite brand

thickness 2-20mm 

dimension: 1220x2440mm or cut to size

packing: each to be packed with PE film or brown paper masking

translucent red plexiglass sheet,translucent red perspex sheet

color: translucent red  or customized translucent colored

application: widely used for wall decoration or store display fixtures

good aging resistance and rigid than glass

cut to shape, order are all availalbe 

further more information, contact me through below information 

this translucent red acrylic sheet is made from 100% virgin MMA

cast translucent red acrylic sheet

translucent red pmma sheet 

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