White Translucent Plexiglass

this white translucent plexiglass is made from glossy acrylic material,solid translucent white color, can let light pass through

Yageli customized size and thickness white translucent plexiglass


this white translucent plexiglass is made in china 

by our Anhui Yageli Display

type: cell cast acrylic sheet

thickness: 2-20mm available

color: translucent white color

size: 122*244cm ,205*305cm

application: light diffuer, light guid

white translucent plexiglass is used as display cabinets, display case,

light backdrop etc store fixutres,

customized thickness, size are all available

white translucent acrylic ,cell cast type or extruded for option

white translucent perspex on sale, cut to size and order, if you have

any further more information about this white translucent plexiglass,

please contact us

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