Acrylic Desk Divider

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China manufacturer wholesale customized clear acrylic desk divider for COVID-19 prevention


this acrylic desk divider is made from clear PMMA sheet

Item: acrylic desk divider

thickness: 4mm ,5mm 

Color: clear

plexiglass desk divider

interlock with lock on the top 

this perspex desk divider can divide one desk into

4 compartments, prevent sneeze from each other in the office,

a good ideal item to isolate COVID-19

pmma desk divider for sale, detachable design, easy to 

install, save space, widely used in hotel,dining room,school, office etc

cut to size and order, customized thickness acrylic plastic divider, free standing

clear acrylic desk divider, acrylic room divider, 

packing: wrapped with PE film, several units to be packed on pallet

MOQ is 100pcs

further more information, never hesiate to contact to us through below information

acrylic desk divider (2)acrylic desk divideracrylic table dividerplexiglass desk divider

IMG_0205(20200523-202140)acrylic sheet factory

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