Acrylic Baseball Bat Display Holder

wall mounted acrylic baseball bat display stand /rack /holder, screws included,

plexiglass acrylic baseball bat wall rack / stand 

  • HIGH QUALITY 1/4" thick crystal clear, durable high clarity acrylic

  • ONE STURDY BRACKET to allow wall hanging (silver screws ARE included)

  • SIZE of BRACKET: Back piece is 4.875" long by 1.75" tall. The front piece that the handle sits in is 3" wide by 2" deep. Inside diameter of the bracket 1 and 5/8". The narrowest part in the opening that a bat handle would have to fit through is 1 and 1/4".

  • VERTICAL DISPLAY showing full length of collectible baseball bat

  • COLLECTIBLE DISPLAY for autographed baseball bats

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