Acrylic Glove Box Holder

Acrylic Glove Box Holder

Acrylic Glove Box Holder is made of clear durable acrylic,wall mounted
single glove box ,Triple glove box and quad glove box holders
have a unique design that allows glove boxes to be loaded
acrylic glove box Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
Fits standard glove boxes accommodating depths up to 3.75 in
Holders offer versatility while providing space-saving storage

Acrylic Glove Box Holder. Holds 3 boxes of gloves for easy access. Acrylic. 

Accommodate all brands and sizes of gloves

The 1-Place Glove Box Holder accepts one glove box. 

The vertical glove box holder is easily mounted to a wall next to the lab bench using the supplied screws or sits on the bench top with skid proof rubber feet. The fluorescent orange accents also add a bit of color to your lab.

Additional glove box holders are available that can accommodate two or three boxes including a locking three place holder.

Acrylic single glove box holder 
  • Mount on the wall for convenient location near sinks, doors, hoods, etc.

  • Install under a cabinet to keep bench tops clear

  • Hold glove boxes steady for quick one-handed dispensing




acrylic glove box holder Sample and more picture and video , please contact us.

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