Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Box

clear glossy acrylic cosmetic box, plexiglass cosmetic box, with compartments and lid can store or display lipstick, lip gloss, perfume etc

This clear acrylic cosmetic box is tailored to match a wide range of makup decor, 

whether it be in your personal bathroom, a vanity area or your salon our premium quality acrylic organizers are made to visually stimulate and highlight your beauty products.

Inspired by professional makeup artists, you will instantly notice a difference in the feel of its weight, the look of its color and realize the lasting durability from the moment you pick it up. Imagine owning a high quality and durable makeup organizer that you will be instantly satisfied with and every day after.

clear acrylic cosmetic box is made of acrylic material, with higned lid , can get rid of dust , keep your makeup desk tie and clean 


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