Marble Acrylic Salad Bowl

1.Mix of Clear + Colored Acrylic leaves options endless when styling.
2.Thick Gorgeous Smooth Lucite Base.
3.Small size for small salads, fruits, coleslaw etc.
4.Color: Marble + Clear

Customized perspex serving bowls transparent marble acrylic salad bowl

1. Crystal clear and transparent hand-made acrylic square bowls are perfect for use as a party or party for a dish. Enjoy a formal meal from formal to elegant patio or just for dinner or lunch.

2. Multi-function square trim Other common vegetable and fruit salads or DISH bowls can be used for large-scale fruit and vegetable salads in the beautiful and elegant suites inside the barrel.


3. This perfect premium decorative bowl allows the core of the food table. 11 1/4 x 11 1 / 2 inches 4 X 4 cm.

4. The large size and durability are suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment and fusion with any style of decoration.

5. Looks like glass but safe and practical The stylish modern look is perfect for use at home, in the office or in the restaurant.


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