6 advantages of acrylic display stand

Date:Jan 10, 2019

In this era of pursuing packaging, people go out to dress up, and goods are inseparable from the display stand. The popular display stand in the mall is not the previous glass type or metal mixed material, or wood, but the acrylic display stand. Acrylic is an easy-to-process, easy-to-dye thermoplastic that, when it meets the display, an incredible chemical reaction takes place.

1. Acrylic is easy to form, which makes it possible to realize the design model of the sky. The primary purpose of the display stand is to attract the attention of the customer. The creative design that matches the product is the core, and the selection of the right manufacturing material is an important guarantee.

2. Acrylic rich colors add to the display stand. Acrylic display stand can be processed according to the design, with many styles and small color difference, which truly meets the customer's requirements and highlights the unique charm of the product.

3, acrylic display stand is transparent and shiny, especially when displaying high-end goods such as watches, cosmetics, electronic products and so on.

4, acrylic display rack style is very much, there are floor-standing, desktop, hanging, rotating, etc.; very versatile, can be used for watch display, cosmetics display, jewelry display, can be designed according to customer needs to meet different shops, The need for different placement positions.

5. Acrylic display stand is sturdy and durable, with long service life and low manufacturing cost.

6. Acrylic display stand is flexible and simple to assemble, easy to disassemble and easy to transport.

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