About the choice of acrylic product thickness

Date:Jan 14, 2019

There may be a lot of customers who don't know much about acrylic materials. They often ask the factory a question, that is, in the case of minimizing the cost and ensuring the practicability of the product, is my product suitable for making thick acrylic sheets? Is the thicker the board, the better the quality is made?

In fact, the quality of the board does not have much direct relationship with the thickness of the board. The quality and aesthetics of acrylic products focus on the selection of suitable thickness, high-quality brand plates, and skilled craftsmanship.

Anhui Yageli Factory often uses transparent plates of black and white acrylic plates. The thickness of the conventional stock is 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, more than 20mm, and there are also special plates, 25mm, 30mm thick. Most of the colored acrylic sheets used are 3mm and 5mm thick.

For boards of special thickness, for the entire board of 1.2*2.4 meters, at the time of ordering, some have a minimum order of 15 sheets.

For small size products, it is generally recommended to use 2mm materials, such as small price cards, A6 folding table cards, business card holders and so on.

Listed as supermarket food boxes, the general size is about 20 cm, the recommended thickness is transparent 3mm. If the size is slightly larger at 30-40 cm, the best transparency is 4mm-5mm. A large 1 meter acrylic cabinet recommends a thickness of 10-15mm.

When the general factory technician recommends the thickness to the customer, it will also consider the use of the acrylic product, how to place it, how to achieve it, the weight of the product already considered, and the safety of transportation. In the overall situation, give the customer the most appropriate thickness recommendations.

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