Acrylic Brochure Holder for Wall

Date:Mar 07, 2019

This plexi glass brochure holder is a wall mount pamphlet dispenser that features a clear acrylic design. Each flyer pocket is made with quality acrylic that is intended for use indoors. This brochure holder offers a view of the entire front cover of the literature on display. This dispenser is intended to hold 5.5" wide promotional material. Each brochure holder, also known as a pamphlet dispenser, has a small cutout in the front to allow easy access to the contents. The high front panel keeps single sheet material from flopping over. Use this wall mount flyer display, brochure holder to offer loan applications, informational literature or other free reading material. 

Each brochure holder, also called a single pocket literature display, has a hole in each section of the back panel for wall mounting. Hanging hardware is not included; however basic wall screws can be purchased at any local hardware store. This brochure holder is shipped with double-sided sticky pads that can be used as an alternative to the screws. The pocket is 2" deep allowing for a generous amount of literature to be displayed. Medical offices, hotels, bars and visitor centers are some of the various businesses that commonly purchase this dispenser. This brochure holder can be customized with a logo or text for a personalized look.

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