Acrylic display rack maintenance tips

Date:Jan 03, 2019

I believe that when I talk about the acrylic display rack, many people will give a thumbs up. As a display rack, the acrylic display rack is indeed convinced by many users, but many friends also have this kind of experience: "After using it for a long time, show The frame may be slightly deformed, scratched, etc. due to some external reasons. These conditions may cause the overall aesthetics of the product to decrease in the merchandise display, so how can we maintain it and prevent it from happening? 

First, do not use excessive concentration of detergent when wiping

Due to the rubbing of dirt and other reasons, the appearance of acrylic display racks will inevitably appear such stains. Many friends think that the higher the concentration of detergent, the more the stains will be swept away. In fact, the concentration is too high. The cleaner is not only proportional to the decontamination effect, but also causes the surface of the display rack to be corroded and damaged, so that it is not worth the loss. Therefore, when cleaning, try to use a softer wipe with a lower softness. The cleaning agent wipes the surface of the display rack.

Second, pay attention to the display rack in a suitable ambient temperature

“Thermal expansion and contraction” is a physical phenomenon that everyone knows. This principle is no exception for acrylic display racks. Moreover, the thermal expansion coefficient of acrylic sheets is extremely high, and they are placed in too low or too high temperature environment. It is easy to cause deformation of the display stand, so in order to avoid the influence of thermal expansion and contraction, the display stand should be placed in a suitable temperature environment.

Third, avoid contact with organic solvents

Since acrylic sheet itself is an organic compound, organic solvents such as paints, paints, detergents and adhesives can cause damage to the display frame when it comes into contact with the acrylic display rack, causing the surface to be corroded and damaged. During use, be sure to avoid contact with these organic solvents in the acrylic display rack to avoid unnecessary damage to the display rack.

Although the acrylic sheet can be repaired in various ways after being damaged, it is a wise move to "prepare the rain" and "prepare for the rain". Therefore, everyone must do a good job in the purchase and maintenance of the acrylic display rack, then acrylic Which one can be trusted? Xiao Bian believes that the acrylic display rack manufacturers with integrity will avoid the subsequent use problems on the basis of ensuring the quality of the products, so that everyone is free from the trouble of repair and maintenance.

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