Acrylic makeup rack effect

Date:Feb 28, 2019

When we go shopping, we go to the skin care area and generally can't help but look at it, especially beautiful women. However, few people pay attention to the display stand under the cosmetics, more attention is paid to the aesthetics of the cosmetics. Of course, it is important to show the product performance of the stand.

In the cosmetics industry, plexiglass display stands and cosmetics have long been inseparable. Imagine if the cosmetics are also sold, the left side does not use a display stand to display the goods, even if it is placed neatly, but the display is displayed on the right side, then the cosmetics on the right side are set off by the plexiglass display stand. Will make your products and brands upgrade a lot of grades, so as to stand out from the counters, attract consumers' attention and take the initiative to buy. And a good cosmetic display stand, its design and materials can attract more consumers and increase the sales volume of the business.

The plexiglass display stand has the characteristics of high grade, and it is beautiful and elegant in day and night, and has a strong visual impact. According to the skin care brand display needs, silk screen printing on the acrylic display stand, through the creative design can also express the customer's desired product features, to a certain extent to bring better display results.

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