Acrylic process

Date:Feb 27, 2019


Acrylic can be drilled directly using a drill press. Acrylic has very good machining characteristics compared to glass. According to the requirements on the processing drawings, it can be directly placed on the drill bed and fixed directly.

Acrylic can also use CNC punching, so that the processed acrylic parts have very high assembly precision. We only need to input various parameters on the drawing on the computer, and then use the computer to control the CNC machine to locate and punch.


Acrylic itself has a high degree of transparency, comparable to the natural crystal, so we need to polish to restore the crystal-like high transparency of acrylic itself, while acrylic polishing can use traditional cloth polishing or diamond polishing, fire polishing. The order is generally after the diamond is polished; the use of fire polishing to eliminate the burrs of the corners makes the acrylic products smooth; finally, the cloth wheel polishing is used, and after waxing on the cloth wheel, it can be polished up to 92% or more. Acrylic products of transparency come out.

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