Acrylic U-Shaped Risers

Date:Mar 06, 2019

Acrylic display risers help to organize countertops with eye-catching displays – instead of leaving your items to be blocked or strewn about, plastic risers help to organize and drive focus to the items of your choosing. Acrylic display stands encompass a variety of forms, such as pedestals, u-shaped, tiered steps, columns, solid blocks, and more. Take your precious store goods to new heights and help move more merchandise.

Available in clear, black , and frosted, these acrylic tabletop retail risers come in sizes as small as 2 inches or over a foot long and are a must have for any retail setting. Our goal is to provide you the means to properly display all items and cater to as many needs as possible. 

Our Black Acrylic U-Riser 3 Piece Set is a perfect solution for your merchandising needs. Consisting of 3 acrylic risers varying in size, this set is perfect for creating interest in any setting. Excellent for showcasing jewelry, crafts, collectibles, gadgets, electronics, and so much more, display items on them as a set or separately.

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