bird feeder provide over a normal bird feeder

Date:Aug 28, 2019

There many delightful aspects to a feature rich bird feeder. To wit:

  1. Notification via WiFi when the feeder needs refilling

  2. Alerting bird-watching owners to arrivals

  3. Detecting the attendance of rare or favorite species

  4. Sensing—and potentially repelling—squirrel (or cat) predation

  5. Profiling and tracking feedings by date hour and time of residency

  6. Digital recording of songbird vocalizations

  7. Tracking specific individuals by audio signature or visual appearance

  8. Characterization of feeding preferences in a multi-dispenser system

  9. Emitting invitational voicings to attract a wider variety of patrons

  10. Prompting of owners to provide seasonal menu changes (e.g., suet)

  11. Identifying early or late migrators and year-round residents

  12. Assisting with bird counts or banding efforts

  13. Band-detecting perches to aid migration and population assessment

  14. Potentially registering the presence of wounded or ill fowl

That's more than a baker's dozen worth of features in somewhere around 20 minutes worth of brainstorming. Imagine the results if I was actually  designing one.

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