Difference between acrylic and PVC

Date:Mar 14, 2019

With the scientific analysis, acrylic and PVC differs in color, density, sound, smell of combustion.Relatively speaking, acrylic is better.

1.From the color,the stability of PVC plate is poor,easy to decompose when processing, and generally more yellow when compared the background colcor.

2.For the density,the density PVC plate is 1.35-1.4 G / CM3,the Acrylic 1.1 g / CM3.

When the thickness and size is the same, PVC is heavier on weight..

3.For the sound,if you take two boards of the same area and throw them on the floor gently or with the hand stroke, the sound of acrylic is clear while PVC is dull。

4.Diference in burning and smelling. The flame of the acrylic is yellow, alcoholic and smokeless while PVC board burns green, have hydrochloric acid odour, smoke white.

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