How is the acrylic dried fruit box made?

Date:Jan 17, 2019

Acrylic dried fruit boxes are more and more popular with people. Nowadays, the supermarket can see the figure of acrylic dry fruit box. The high transparent acrylic dried fruit box will reflect the luster under the illumination of light. Because of the good sealing effect of acrylic dried fruit, It is effective against moisture and has a very good effect on the preservation of food.

Acrylic dried fruit box is made of transparent acrylic. It is generally made of sheet with a thickness of 2-3mm. If it is too thin, it will be easily deformed and bent. It is too thick and costly. The acrylic dried fruit box must be processed through 3 processes.

1. Cutting: Cut the acrylic sheet into the appropriate size. Of course, when you choose the plate in the early stage, you can choose what kind and color you want.

2. Polishing: The acrylic cutting surface after cutting is relatively rough and opaque, and it does not look very beautiful. Therefore, it should be polished and polished to achieve high transparency after polishing.

3. Bonding: The five panels of the acrylic box are spliced together, and the glue is glued to the surface where the surface is in contact with the surface. After a period of time, the acrylic is well dissolved and very firm. Together with the special cover, such an acrylic dried fruit box is made, which looks both beautiful and practical.

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