How to choose and buy acrylic board

Date:Mar 12, 2019

It's obvious that acrylic products quality depends on the quality of acrylic materials.If the selection of inferior acrylic material processing out of acrylic products will have many inferior products.This is directly related to the selection of acrylic materials.

Now I would like to introduce some methods to judge the quality of acrylic materials:

I.)Observation method

This kind is a kind of method that judges according to the qualitative characteristic of yakeli itself: when we are choosing and buying arcylic, can look whether yakeli board has fade slightly serious or glossiness not tall, if exist, this explains yakeli quality is bad.

Out of this observation method can also see the acrylic specifications and the actual situation of acrylic materials is consistent, if not consistent can also determine that the acrylic material is not normal.

2) Combustion method

You can use a very small piece of acrylic for combustion test, if the acrylic suddenly burning up the acrylic quality.

3)light transmission method

This method is the use of acrylic light transmittance characteristics derived from the method, can be through the light emitted by the white light through the acrylic plate, if found yellow or blue color difference can explain the quality of the acrylic is not correct, because the acrylic plate light transmittance is very high and through the white light, will not absorb light color.

4)paste method

Also called hot melt method, it is the use of good acrylic materials and bad acrylic materials paste is not the same and distinguish.For example, the yakeli with poor quality can stick together after hot melt and be apart hard, yakeli with good quality is separated easily.

1. The flatness of acrylic sheet surface;

2. The thickness tolerance of acrylic sheets;

3. The smoothness of the fractured acrylic facade;

4. Horizontal visual effect of acrylic fracture surface;

5. Difference between theoretical weight and actual weight;

6.the plate itself color difference, can watch the color and luster;

7. acrylic transparent board whether yellowing;

8. The color of low-quality products will gradually fade after a period of use.

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